Curse of the Vorus, Part II

from by MIA SHEARD

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Music and lyrics by Mia Sheard.
Bed tracks recorded by Chris Stringer at Lincoln County Social Club. Vocals and overdubs recorded by Ryan Granville-Martin at the NUCULAR LIBARY. Mixed by Ryan Granville-Martin. Mastered by David Travers-Smith


"Come on, I'll take you home. Pull yourself up and let's go. You always have to be the one to show off. I won't let them know."

I could feel, when the rain started falling, every hair that I owned, every pore start to open. i crouched down waiting for it to happen. I could smell he was near, still I didn't hear nothin'. And I was the most perfect I have been. Shivering and naked in the rain. Something moved and I started to run. Heard him clawing at the concrete nails longer than my fingers. Felt his breath on the back of my spine. His irregular breathing started synching up with mine. And I was the most alive I have been. No more... waiting for it to begin. I fought him with a smile on my face. When his claws pulled us closer looked like we were embracing. I fell down as the sun cracked a smile. Heard somebody there screaming and I knew that it was over. And I was the happiest I have been. Lying there with a shit-eating grin. And you can let them know. I'm not going home.


from Curse of the Vorus, released January 7, 2013
Mia Sheard - vocals, acoustic guitar/ Paul Linklater - guitar/ Christine Bougie - lapsteel/ Jack Breakfast - piano/ Chris Gartner - bass/ Ryan Granville-Martin - drums




MIA SHEARD Toronto, Ontario

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