Curse of the Vorus


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I am more powerful in the rain. People run, and I remain (soggy biscuit). I need the water running down my skin. I shed my mortal clothes to let more in. I let my body take a good, long drink. The only thing that's ever taken me down, made this boat sink, is fighting the curse of the Vorus. / My muscles tremble as the thunder shakes, and little puddles become Great Lakes. I let my body take a good, long breath. Soon I'll be running like a little boy. Running from your kiss of death, and fighting the curse of the Vorus. / It's a blink of an eye before the whole thing's done. Before your skin is cracked. Before you're back to being no one but another servant of some great domain dreaming of wetter times. Dreaming of the rain and fighting the curse of the Vorus.
33 and one third old. Sure you would have hit gold by now, and joined the shiny peoples. You're just dust on diamond needles. Under headphones, very clear, the scratches on your heart playing over and over, over and over. Oh dear. / I saw a film today, oh boy, the actor's hair was grey. Now where was I while he was getting older? Someone's tapping on my shoulder, "Hey you gotta go now. Can't you see the movie's over? It's been over for years. It's all over. Oh dear."/ Lines on lines, still lining up to see your face. Now there's your fan base! Oh, the lies, the lies, the lies, the beautiful lies. I love you the most when you make me feel young again. / Put on something comfortable to hear - you blend in so well that you almost disappear. You're never happy, never sad, set to a pace. It's never easy finding out you're just like everybody else: You think there's more, you think there's more, you think there's more... until there's not and it's all over. It's all over. It's all over. It's all over. This song is over. Oh dear.
Lucky Hugh rolls into town kicking some ass. Makes a rock sign in the air and he stinks of the past. Follows with a G-chord on an air-guitar. Lucky Hugh is going far (to the back of the bar!)./It's a rock show: girls that dream, guys that just stare. Lucky Hugh mouths every word and he throws back his air. Pulls the scented smoke into his carbon lungs. Offers his buddy some and now he's there./ And he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels, he feels like a little kitten/ Gets a memory: trips on the road running too fast. Never could outrun his dad who laughs, laughs, laughs, laughs. Pulls the flask out from his coat, "This crowd is lame! I'm gonna kick it up a notch and get there again."/ And he feels... like a little kitten
The caw, the caw, the caw, the calls of a black crow have jolted me awake like my mother's clapping hands on a school-day morning. Calls? No, more like demands. The takers good at taking know your goodness can't be shaken at the right time. Damned are the wakers - hostile noise makers! They will shake you for a dime. Shake you for a dime./ And stars upon stars shine down like rewards undeserved on hearts upon hearts beating in silence undisturbed./ I know, I know, I know, I know what you're thinking. You think I haven't tried it all. I hear spiders on the wall: octo-lead-feet. Spiders on the wall. Maybe I just don't understand, maybe I'm part of a bigger plan. Maybe I'm just lazy. Doesn't seem so wrong sleeping through the dawn, but it drives them wakers mad. Makes them crazy./ And stars upon stars shine down like rewards undeserved on hearts upon hearts beating in silence undisturbed.
There is nothing that would offend you. There is nothing you do not know, you let me know. You know so much it hurts you, and the pain is something you're willing to show. So you saddle up beside me in your faux-hawk, "I'm alternative" veneer. You say, "excuse me for a minute, but I've got to take this call." You take the call. And you talk much louder than you should, and you talk at length about nothing at all. You wink at me before you're through. You sign off with "I love you, too". / We're all going, all going down on the slide. On the sugar slide. Gonna get some sweet treats. Whoever gets the lollipop must go back to the, back to the top. / I sit there while you order and I look up at the posters on the wall. A plenitude of legends caught forever in their youth, so beautiful. Regurgitated music played too loud pulls me back to the crowd. / We're all going, all going down on the slide, on the sugar slide. Gonna get some sweet treats. Whoever gets the lollipop will go back to the top. / You might not ever know me, and I might not ever care but all I know is that you look at me like candy as I motion that it's time for me to go. I glance into the mirror to see if there's really something sweet in me/ We're all going, all going down...
I am cornered by a zombie and a three-foot neo-Nazi and I lack so much conviction that I'm gonna to need an army. It's just ten feet to the door and I'm afraid I might not make it out for sure. Now the dinner bell is tolling: Last chance out. / I am fed well in this confine. On the weekends there are movies. The Nazi likes to act out all the parts for our approval, and the zombie's easy-going. But now I feel I should be, too. It's still just metres to the door and I still don't know what to do./ Last chance out. / There are friends who might remember me, I'll call them up. Or dance with strangers in the dark until the sun comes./ I feel old, but I'm still young. The short one tells me to have fun. While she is practising her goose-steps the dead one's chewing on his tongue. There is some comfort in a routine, there is room to move about. There is a dinner bell still tolling: Last chance out. Last chance out. Last chance out. Last chance out.
He's waiting in a check-out queue debating what a guy should do. Justification to leave you. Stay together. Cause it doesn't matter who is wrong. It doesn't help if both are strong. We just need to get along. Stay together. There's a ticking clock on every wall. She's waiting for her mum to call. She feels frustrated most of all. Stay together. She's dying for a promise ring. Wants a baby more than anything. To her it's such a simple thing. Stay together. Do you really want to be alone. Disassemble your sweet home. In a gamble for the great unknown. Stay together. My best advice is get a cat. An everyday reminder that, in spite of everything you lack, stay together.
"Come on, I'll take you home. Pull yourself up and let's go. You always have to be the one to show off. I won't let them know." I could feel, when the rain started falling, every hair that I owned, every pore start to open. i crouched down waiting for it to happen. I could smell he was near, still I didn't hear nothin'. And I was the most perfect I have been. Shivering and naked in the rain. Something moved and I started to run. Heard him clawing at the concrete nails longer than my fingers. Felt his breath on the back of my spine. His irregular breathing started synching up with mine. And I was the most alive I have been. No more... waiting for it to begin. I fought him with a smile on my face. When his claws pulled us closer looked like we were embracing. I fell down as the sun cracked a smile. Heard somebody there screaming and I knew that it was over. And I was the happiest I have been. Lying there with a shit-eating grin. And you can let them know. I'm not going home.


released January 7, 2013




MIA SHEARD Toronto, Ontario

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